Bonfire 2018

bonfireThe LSD BONFIRE was HOT you guys! The sun was shining down on us and we were entertained by The Vic skim boarding competition. We started the BONFIRE right around 7 PM and relaxed as the sunset over the calm horizon. Embers were popping as we feasted on Chef Kirk’s fantastic chicken kabobs with tomato, mushroom and pineapple wedge, accompanied by fresh sweet corn on the cob and salad, YUM!

Alessandro and Grazina brought some fresh pasta salad, David (Cool) Cooley brought a delicious cheesecake and Amy and Steve creamed it with decadent brownies! Our BONFIRE was almost as big as the crowd and some almost got roasted like the marshmallow they skewered over the billowing flames for the tasty SMORES with Belgium (thank you Anita) and Hershey’s chocolate. Getting there at 6AM to save a pit was worth it!

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